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Welcome to the New York Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership. The Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (CWRP) is an innovative private-public initiative aimed at preserving, restoring, enhancing and protecting aquatic habitats throughout the United States.

Bringing together corporations, federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations and academia, CWRP allows members to contribute in a fundamental way to crucial projects involving America’s coastal and inland aquatic resources.

Be sure to check the Coastal America Winter 2012 Newsletter. The NY-CWRP was recognized for two awards in this edition!!

• We have an award for the North Spillway Repair & Rock Ramp Fish Passage Project. View photos of this project.

• Coastal America Partnership Award Notification for Peconic River Rock Ramp Project - Check the News & Events page for details.

In attendance at the ceremony Elizabeth Mikucki Fleury Environmental Resources
Management on behalf of the corporate membership of NY CWRP

The NY Chapter of the CWRP is a joint effort between New York corporations, government agencies, non-profit environmental groups and academia who help fund priority wetlands and aquatic habitat restoration projects throughout New York state. Be sure to check the "News & Events" page for updates!

Since its inception in 1999, the National CWRP, through the initiative of such companies as the Gillette Company and Maritimes & Northeast, has grown to include active programs in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Alaska, California, New Jersey, Texas and New York.

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Tatro Construction of Vermont resumed work on removing Fort Covington Dam on the Salmon River in New York, after high river flows postponed work started last fall. The dam removal has been a true partnership effort including Americanivers and other conservation organizations, government agencies, private foundations, industry and academia, according to a July 1 press release.



Thank you for visiting our site. Becoming a part of CWRP is easy. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us to get started.

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